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"We are unique expressions of multiple, complex layers of relationship. At the same time we are interdependent with each other, the planet and the universe. Deep observation, awareness, and alignment allow us to map the territory of our inner realities in relation to all else that is. From that orientation, relationship with all things becomes our Practice for Living/Living Practice."

Kaylynn Sullivan TwoTrees

Kaylynn Sullivan TwoTrees has spent a life at the crossroads where species, cultures, beliefs and the unknown intersect, collide and evolve in both dissonance and resonance.  

Currently her work as an artist/catylyst includes deep listening along with the creation of an ongoing series of installations and conceptual handmade books to honor the honeybee as guardians of Love at the intersection between people and the Earth.

Practice for Living, Living Practice

Over the course of the past 4 decades TwoTrees has evolved a framework of spiritual technology with the input, support and guidance of many indigenous elders. Practice for Living, Living Practice is a current expression of this foundation (previously known as Seven Directions Practice ®), which focuses on helping humans re-orient to our indigenous mind.

"Kaylynn is elemental and she is awake. I recommend her to anyone who yearns to flower their fullest most authentic, congruent life purpose. "

- Debra Roberts,Executive Producer The Honeybee Project

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